For ease of use, many of use have created ePortfolios — and helped our students create them — on Google sites.  Enter Pathbrite, a website that is dedicated to creating ePortfolios.  I created a free account and it prompted me to start building, with documents (“like your resume”), videos, photos, awards, etc.  My first message was from Pathbrite, sharing a collection of sample portfolios.

They are definitely promoting the site to educators, with a claim that “two independent studies by San Francisco State University and Queensborough Community College showed the introduction of digital portfolios to their courses increased student completion rates by up to 33%.”  There are also lots of very positive statements with regard to student metacognition and insight.  And instructors can set up courses within Pathbrite, with analytics and productivity measurements, as well.

I assumed that the Free Account would be limited in some way, and they’d want me to upgrade to a paid account of some kind to access all the features and abilities.  If that’s the case, they certainly are concealing it well — I can’t find anything about upgrades or paid accounts at all!

Pathbrite does integrate with many LMS, but, thus far, BrightSpace is not one of them.



Welcome back, everybody!  First day of classes — go get ’em!   We talk a lot about learning styles and using technology to facilitate individualized learning.  This article has some interesting observations about that, as well as about why programming machines to be ‘experts’ is still a long way off — because most human experts do what they do without really knowing they’re doing it!

Somehow, that makes me feel better about how I expect today to go…!