“At eSpark Learning, we’ve built Frontier, a new platform of inquiry-based ELA lessons designed with students and teachers in mind. We’ve made it our mission to build lessons that nurture 21st century academic success and empower extraordinary teaching. Our team has interviewed and observed hundreds of teachers from across the country to learn where technology is falling short in their classrooms and where teachers need additional support to take their instructional practice to the next level.”

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EdSurge queried ISTE participants about this in June and this article details the responses.  I agree with some — single-purpose Clickers are pretty clunky.  The problem with this, as well as the disgust about Scantrons (although this fellow is talking Digital Scantrons, which I don’t think are as common as paper in our environment!), the “solutions” to both problems involves a 1-1 student to (compatible) device in the classroom arrangement, something I certainly can’t count on.  How about you?  What EdTech “turnover” would you like to see in 2018?