26 Sep / 2017

Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning

Matt Bower from Macquarie University in Australia has just published a new book with this title.  Here’s the TOC:

Chap. 1 Technology Integration as an Educational Imperative
Chap. 2 The Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Framework and its Implications
Chap. 3 Pedagogy and Technology-Enhanced Learning
Chap. 4 Technology affordances and multimedia learning effects
Chap. 5 Representing and sharing content using technology
Chap. 6 Design Thinking and Learning Design
Chap. 7 Design of Web 2.0 enhanced learning
Chap. 8 Designing for Learning using Social Networking
Chap. 9 Designing for Mobile Learning
Chap. 10 Designing for learning using Virtual Worlds
Chap. 11 Abstracting Technology-Enhanced Learning Design Principles
Chap. 12 Technology-Enhanced Learning – Conclusions and Future Directions
I ordered it and will let you know what I think once we’ve had a sit-down together (the book and I)
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