Phil Brown:  My journey into the world of EduTech began long ago, but via a gritty back road, if you will. From an early age, be it with 8mm/Super 8mm, 16mm, video/digital media, to researching and studying it — I have been immersed in cinema and filmmaking. It is a passion that informs most everything I do. So, it makes sense that I teach a whole range of film courses — Film Analysis, U.S. and World Film History and film genre studies. It has led me into television production, as well. I produce/write/host/perform a weekly tv show that airs on our college cable station, At the Movies with Philm. I am also a film reviewer on our college radio station.  Technology and I have been, let’s say, well acquainted for some time.

I have been in the Kirkwood Distance Learning Department since 1991, teaching on the variety of distance delivery platforms we have evolved through – from television instruction via microwave/ICN to web-live systems. I also teach a full set of online courses and sit as the chair of the Learning Technology Committee.


Will Denny has been teaching English in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area since 2010. He completed his M.A. in Linguistics with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language at the University of Iowa in 2013, and along the way studied Arabic, Spanish, software and web design, as well as agroforestry, and permaculture. Will has presented and published at the MIDTESOL conference, and has contributed to several open-source projects on GitHub. Recent work focuses on developing web-based applications for ESL students and teachers, and the business side of software development. In his spare time, Will looks for new and interesting techniques and designs for the urban farm.


Kristi Murdock first encountered computers when a keypunch error during registration for her sophomore year of classes at the University of Iowa landed her in a PL/1 programming class.   Initial panic gave way to fascination and she’s been happily thinking in binary terms ever since.  After working in research and development for local engineering and telecommunications companies for the first half of her career, Murdock applied to Kirkwood in order to follow a different passion, becoming a registered Veterinary Technician in 2005.  She has been teaching at Kirkwood in the Animal Health Technologies department since 2007 and has been a Tech Scout since 2011.  Murdock’s passions include travel at the drop of a hat, especially in the company of her husband and two Standard Poodles; helping students make sense of the complicated and ever-changing world that is companion animal science; and ensuring that everybody everywhere has access to the miracle that is digital computing and the resources of the internet.  She also likes to read.  A lot.


Kate Hess wears a number of hats at Kirkwood. Besides her official title of Library Coordinator for the Iowa City Campus, she staffs the reference desk, visits classes for research instruction, troubleshoots student technology problems, and selects books and subscriptions for the library. As a 2012 Endowed Faculty Chair she studied the role of play in adult learning, and continues to ponder and apply the ideas she researched and wrote about to her daily work with students and faculty. She seeks to honor each individual’s unique path that drives them to learn, engage with their own life, and create fulfillment. And she loves a good technology tool that makes a tough job easier or helps organize something messy.


Kate Jett is tried and true millennial; a digital native birthed by the dial-up internet epoch who speaks fluent emoji (and okay French). A 2008 graduate of Kirkwood’s Liberal Arts AA program and Disney College Program alum, she earned her BA in Anthropology from the University of Iowa in 2013 with a minor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. She’s worked as the Department Assistant at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa in Coralville since its opening in 2015. Kate created her first website in junior high and hung out coding HTML with the nerds of the website design club at North Scott High School. She tries to avoid thinking too much about the percentage of her life’s waking hours that have been spent behind a keyboard. Kate is currently pursuing an MA degree via Pacifica Graduate Institute’s hybrid distance program in the Engaged Humanities with an emphasis on the arts, creativity, inspiration, and depth psychology in adults.